PetZ Money

Focus to Earn Web3 Virtual Pet


PetZ Money is a virtual pet platform, powered by blockchain technology, that incorporates gamefi elements to incentivize users based on their productivity. It serves as a productivity and time management tool designed to enhance work efficiency.


PetZ Gold Token ($PGT)

The PetZ Gold Token serves as both a governance and utility token, granting users access to various governance features and playing a central role in PetZ's focus-to-earn ecosystem. It offers a range of utilities, including leveling up, minting, and facilitating the buying and selling of PetZ NFTs.

PetZ Silver Token ($PST)

The PetZ Silver Token operates as a reward token, functioning similarly to reward points. Users have the opportunity to earn these tokens through actions such as signing up, referring friends, following, and actively participating in the Web 3.0 focus-to-earn ecosystem.


PetZ NFTs are unique digital assets that operate on the blockchain and serve a variety of purposes, including collectibles. These NFTs are generated through our contract using a random-based mechanism, ensuring that each NFT is distinct and one-of-a-kind. Rest assured, you will never encounter an identical PetZ NFT generated more than once.

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Focus to Earn

Users keep their pet happy and earn PGT by completing every task.


First of its kind blockchain-based leaderboard that lets you level up by spending cryptocurrency to buy items, missions, and quests in order to gain experience!


Users are able to complete daily and weekly missions to earn extra rewards.


NFT can be leveled up by burning tokens. Users can add attributes points and spend PGT in order to boost their performance.


Users can trade their NFT on the marketplace. Users can also rent NFT for a cost or free.

Mystery Box

Opening the mystery box will give the user one random NFT or a random amount of PGT.​


Based on users' activities, the app will issue achievement badges to users. Some of the achievement badges have special perks.​


User can decorate their pet environment by purchasing toy, food, house and background nft.


Phase 1
  • Website launch
  • 2000 Telegram members
  • Smart Contract Deployment
  • Fair launch on Pancakeswap
  • 1000 holders
  • Dappradar listing
  • listing
  • Token Giveaway Campaign
Phase 2
  • NFT launch
  • Banner Marketing
  • 10000 Telegram Members
  • 5000 Holders
  • Coingecko listing
  • Coinmarketcap listing
  • Coin listing on many platforms
  • Influencer Marketing
Phase 3
  • NFT Farm Website launch
  • NFT Marketplace Website launch
  • NFT Game launch
  • Mystery Box launch
  • Referral Program launch
  • Token Farm launch
  • Partnership
  • NFT Giveaway campaign




Yong Loon



Marketing Partner

Ngoc Cuc Dang

Graphic Designer

Aqsa Shoukat

UI UX Designer

Imran Haider

Software Developer

Manash Mondal


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